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Friction Materials-Organic

Kateel Friction Material-Organic is one of the Kateel ranges of non-asbestos friction material. It is a compressive molded product, Black / Greenish in color, and having a mixture of fillers of Copper, Iron and non-metallic substances. The material is produced in only flat sheet form and suitable for use in dry condition

Physical properties :

Specific gravity  :  2.00 g/cm3
Rockwell hardness :   L74
Ultimate compressive strength :  860 Kg/cm
Ultimate shear strength :  118 Kg/cm
Tensile strength : 140 Kg/cm
Thermal conductivity :  6.0 W/mºC

Recommended operating range :

Max temperature :   350ºC
Max continuous temp : 150ºC
Max rubbing speed :  24 m/sec

Size Range :

Thickness :  3-50mm
Length :  350mm
Width :  350mm

Recommended mating surface :

Good quality close grained pearlitic cast iron
Cold rolled steel with BHN 200 or more.

Machining :

Use of carbide tipped tools is recommended for Drilling, Turning and boring of this material.

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