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KBA-PF-1500 – Disc Brakes

Max Braking force:43552 N
Min braking force: 39592 N
Max clamping force: 54,440 N
Min clamping force: 49,490 N
Operating pressure normal/max: 5 / 7 bar
Air / oil consumption: 1400cc
Pad width: 87mm
Pad area: 13,000sqmm
Max allowable wear of brake pad: 15mm
Nominal Co-efficient of friction:0.4 µ
Max Air gap: 1mm
Weight: 78kgs


KBA-PF-1500 is used with Brake Discs of thickness 25 &38 mm.

The Kateel range of pneumatic brakes uses dry and compressed air at pressures up to 7 bar. These pneumatic brakes require a control valve which may be operated manually / by electric signal.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for wet, dusty and corrosion aggressive environments.


  • Manual release
  • Brake on / off indicator.
  • Organic / sintered metal brake pads
  • Pneumatic control panel
  • Scoop switch for brake on and off.

Application Area

  • Steel Industries.
  • Cable Industries.
  • Wire Drawing Machine.
  • Textile Machineries.
  • Text Rigs.
  • Special Purpose Machines.
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