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KBC-EM-250 – Disc Brakes

Braking Force 3800 N
Clamping Force 4750 N
Stroke 6mm
Pad Width 60mm
Pad Area 10200
Max allowable Wear of Brake Pad 5mm
Nominal co-efficient of friction o.4µ
Max air gap 0.5mm
Weight 25 Kgs


KBC-EM-250 is used with Brake Discs of thickness 15 to 25 MM.

This brake is suitable for medium to heavy duty holding and emergency stop applications. The design ensures long life with fully potted coils protecting against harsh environments. A wide range of coil voltage (24V DC to 150V D.C) is available.

Working Principle

The thruster comprises of two electromagnetic coils i.e. a release coil (high current) and a holding coil (low current).Brake is released by energizing both coils simultaneously. The holding coil remains energized, thus maintaining the brake in the released condition.


  • Organic / sintered metal brake pads


  • Organic / sintered metal brake pads
  • Manual Release Option
  • Brake on/off Indicator

Application Area

  • Locomotive.
  • Paper Industries.
  • Wire Drawing Machine.
  • Tyre Industries.
  • Textile Machineries.
  • Text Rigs
  • Special Purpose Machines.
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